Mission Statement

Our Mission

The MODE promotes mental and physical health stability through therapy, education, and advocacy.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To ensure clients have optimal substance abuse services encompassing empathy, faith, and hope.

Lisa Petrarca-Gamido

Executive Director

Lisa has always enjoyed helping others, so it is not surprising that she found a way to turn her passion and experience into a career by becoming a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor (LICDC) and a Social Worker Assistant (SWA). She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Akron, and later acquired her masters in counseling from Kent State University.  During her recovery, which began in 2003, Lisa has always been steadfast with her plan of action.  Today she understands what it takes to live happy, joyous and free and wants to share her hope with others.  She remains diligent with her daily maintenance program.  After all that she has experienced in recovery, she has made it her mission to help share this experience with those who really want it.  Lisa resides in Stow, Ohio with her husband.  In her spare time, Lisa loves cooking, reading inspirational quotes, spending time with family and friends, going to baseball games, theme parks, and game nights.  Finding peace and serenity in the outdoors, she enjoys hiking and riding the wave runner when she can.  Lisa has a true passion for life.  Since creating The MODE, Miracles Occur Days Enriched, she and her zealous team are excited to work with those who are eager for the experiences that recovery can bring.  

Board of Directors

Dr. Nancy Keogh

Ph.D. in Psychology

Tom Turner

Advisory Counsel
Tax Attorney

Monica Kurjan



Natasha Biddings, MA, LPC

Deon Buschner, MS, CDCA

Keri Countryman, MS, LCDC III

Sara Gray, BA, MA, Ed.D. (ABD), LICDC-CS, LSW

Sue Kucklick, MA, LPCC

David Lewis, BA, CDCA

Kimberly Oddi, MA – Case Manager/Peer Recovery Supporter

Friends of The MODE

Heidi Jaccaud-Arvey, Fundraising Volunteer

Bart Kohler, CEO of Allcard USA, LLC

Dr. Nyk Pidhorodeckyj, Addiction Medicine

Kristina Rogers, Branch Manager, Huntington Bank